Who’s an Addict? what you should know

Who’s an Addict?

Who's an Addict

Who’s an Addict ? An addict is a person whose lives are dominated by drugs

  • An addict life and thinking are completely concentrated in drugs (substances that change the mood)
  • In one way or another (obtaining and using them and finding ways and means to obtain more),
  • A person in the grip of a continuing disease and always worsening its ends are prisons, sanatoriums, or death.
  • Addiction is a disease of dependence on an external influencer in order to obtain pleasure or gratification and is represented in the dominant idea or the overriding desire to engage, even if this destroys a person’s life.
  • Addiction disease is biological in nature, but it enhanced by environmental emergencies.
  • It is a chronic disease that lasts for life and has no obvious cure, but it can be besieged in several ways.

The effects of addiction include:


  • A person needs to increase the dose to have the same effect.
  • Experts have differed in the interpretation of this phenomenon
  • patients who receive analgesics from opioid derivatives for therapeutic reasons and not because of addiction (such as those with cancer)
  • do not need to increase the dose of analgesic, as opposed to addicts on the same substance.

Isolation and loneliness:

  • As a result of a person’s addiction, his social skills decrease
  • He resort to isolation and loneliness to escape from confrontation and integration in society because of his difference in thought, style, speech, and concerns about them, so he resorted to sitting alone.


  • It is denying the reality of his addiction and no problem with drugs despite his inability to abstain
  • From Deny the problems his condition has reached as a result of drugs.


  • It is the continuous justification of his life due to the problems and the surrounding circumstances
  • Always placing responsibility on those around him to justify his addiction and playing the role of the oppressed often.

Moral disintegration:

Then the addict becomes ready to do everything necessary to obtain a small number of drugs until he is ready to do some immoral and unlawful things, and here his danger lies, and his principles are totally absent.


The addict’s condition deteriorates over time, his addiction increases, his abuse rate increases, and his condition worsens from day to day.


The addict tries to replace the drug with a lesser drug than the harm, because he thinks that this is a solution to the problem, but over time he takes his primary drug in addition to that drug.


An addict becomes embarrassed as a result of his addiction and exposure to various situations, and his method of dealing with either escaping or using violence.

Feeling guilty:

The addict gets worse with that feeling as a result of his actions and the losses that occurred to him and those around him from family and friends, although he could do nothing about that.

There are no factors that can predict whether a particular person will become a drug addict. The risk of addiction differs according to a person’s biological composition, genetics, social environment, age, and stage of development.

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