What is Alcohol Addiction alcoholism

What is Alcohol Addiction?

What is Alcohol Addiction

What is Alcohol Addiction ? …Alcoholism is a chronic disease that affects millions of people. The World Health Organization estimates that alcohol is responsible for more than 3 million deaths annually, or nearly 6 percent of all deaths worldwide. The World Health Organization also stated that alcohol consumption is higher in rich, high-income countries.

Alcoholism affects all aspects of life and provides severe consequences for physical and mental health, emotional stability, professional life, and material resources. Alcohol dependence greatly affects family, friends and co-workers.
Take a look at the following to understand the devastating consequences of chronic alcoholism:

Health (medical) problems related to alcoholism:

  • Drinking too much alcohol increases your risk of several types of cancer, including the liver, esophagus, and throat. In some cases, the damage because of excessive or frequent vomiting.
  • Drinking too much alcohol over the years may cause liver diseases such as cirrhosis or alcoholic hepatitis.
  • Chronic drinking leads to a number of stomach and intestinal problems, including inflammation of stomach, pancreas, and ulcers.
  • Heart disease is a common cause of early death for alcoholics. Strokes are also more common in alcoholics.
  • Even addicts on a healthy diet are at risk of developing a disease known as Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome, which results in imbalances, mental disorders and forgetfulness. At present, the disease may lead to irreversible brain cell damage and may even lead to death.
  • Alcohol addicts are at greater risk of developing pneumonia and other lung problems.
  • Alcoholic polyneuropathy is a disease that affects peripheral nerves. Symptoms include pain and numbness in the legs and arms, muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing, sexual weakness, dizziness, and bowel problems.

Problems affecting mental health as a result of chronic alcoholism:

  • Research has shown that alcohol and depression often go together. Although people often use alcohol to treat depression until they feel better, many researchers see the opposite, seeing that drinking wine leads to depression, or makes depression worse over time.
  • Excessive drinking and suicide are common, possibly due to that alcohol reduces inhibitors and promotes dangerous behavior.
  • People often turn to alcohol to relieve anxiety and stress. This is dangerous as the tolerance increases and you need more and more alcohol to relieve anxiety, which creates more stress.

Social problems associated with alcoholism:

  • Friends and family often try to cover up or provide justifications for alcoholics. Despite goodwill, this behavior prevents alcoholics from facing their problem, delaying critical treatment.
  • Research indicates that alcohol use acause of about 40 percent of domestic violence problems.
  • Furthermore, The physical and verbal abuse associated with drinking alcohol affects husbands and children, and often leads to the breakdown of relationships and marriages.
  • Alcohol addiction may lead to to violent crime in indirect ways. For example, alcoholics are most vulnerable to violent crime, including assault, robbery, and rape.

What is Alcohol Addiction deaths and injuries causes:

  • A large proportion of victims of car accidents are linked to drinking alcohol. The number of accidents and deaths is higher for young people.
  • Half of the drowning victims were drinking alcohol. This includes accidents, boating, swimming, falling into a lake or pond, slipping or bathing.
  • People under the influence of alcohol are most at risk, usually accidents in the workplace.
  • The British Medical Bulletin stated that nearly a third of home fires and fire deaths were because of people addicted to alcohol.

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