Sugar addicts signs and symptoms

Sugar addicts: the 5 signs that you’re addict

Sugar addicts signs

We’ve all had an irresistible craving for sugar for a while: ice cream, cookies, candy bars… when you know it’s no good, it goes against your weight goals… you eat it anyway. are those signs of Sugar addicts

Are you lacking willpower, or is it a physical and inevitable mechanism over which you have no control? More and more, the idea that sugar and an addiction like any other, just like alcohol or hard drugs, is gaining ground. From 5kg per person per year in 1850, we’ve gone from 5kg per person per year in 1850 to 35kg today… or nearly 100 grams per day!

If we have known for a few years that the brain reacts differently according to the food presented to it, we did not know if it was the appearance, the taste, or simply the excitement of the forbidden. Yes, a slice of chocolate cake is more appetizing than broccoli, but is it addictive?

In 2007, a study on rats showed that sugar was 8 times more addictive than cocaine! A new study in 2013, done on humans, tells us a bit more.

What if it’s not our fault?what is Sugar addicts signs?

The study conducted at Harvard in June of this year is a model of rigor and demonstration. The scientists made sure they were beyond reproach, in the face of any sugar lobby that would say otherwise.

In order to measure the brain’s reaction to two milkshakes that were identical in taste and appearance, but one with more sugar (and a high glycemic index), patients were separated into two test groups by chance (at random), in a (controlled) medical environment, without knowing which milkshake was given to them (blind).

This type of study shows a real cause and effect link, unlike observational studies that show nothing at all (which are the source of such nonsense as Eggs are more dangerous than cigarettes, Skipping breakfast causes heart attacks and Red meat is carcinogenic).

The experiment is as follows. First day: a group had a milkshake with a glycemic index of 34. A few days later, the same group had a new milkshake with a glycemic index of 84. Same look, same taste, same calories. The second milkshake contains more sugar, without being noticeable.

A few hours later, each participant has a blood test and a brain scan. Without exception, the difference between the two milkshakes was obvious: explosion of the blood sugar level (as expected), but also a feeling of hunger and desire for more sugar. The brain scans all show strong activity in the area of the brain responsible for addiction.

keys to understand about sugar addiction signs

Two key things can be deduced from this: on the one hand, even if the macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins) and the number of calories are the same, the brain’s reaction will vary according to the glycemic index alone. Sugars, flours, sweetened drinks… will make you hungrier.

On the other hand, foods that raise blood sugar levels are physically addictive. This means that you can’t rely on your willpower, but make good habits, every day.

Are you addicted or do you have Sugar addicts signs?

To find out if you are addicted to sugar, flour or industrial products, here are some signs that you are a victim of industrialists:

  • You snack without really being hungry
  • it makes you anxious to do without certain foods…
  • feeling tired of eating too much
  • you have health or social problems because of what you eat but you continue to eat anyway
  • you have to eat more than you used to in order to be satisfied…

In my case, it was nights when my hunger was endless… cookies, chips, cola. After an hour, I would come back to the kitchen hungry, opening the fridge mechanically, to get another snack. Now I realized that it’s better to take 15 minutes and prepare a real meal.


So even if it is not always possible to avoid sugar and you have been a victim of some form of addiction, don’t count on the manufacturers to help you: the responsibility of losing weight is on your shoulders. Like cigarette manufacturers in their time, food lobbies will deny responsibility for public health problems for a long time to come. There is nothing healthy in sugar, you can do without it.

The best way to stop an addiction is to cut off the source as soon as possible. I myself was addicted to Pepsi and all kinds of junk food. Gradually, I took the sugar out of my diet.
Don’t wait for diabetes, cardio-vascular problems: if you have trouble losing weight despite your efforts, it’s probably sugar. Fasting members often tell me how they are much less attracted to sugary products, simply by learning the difference between sweetness and hunger.
And you, when will you do it?

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