Reasons why people get addicted to drugs

Reasons why people addicted to drugs
Wondered you ever why people use drugs despite the harmful effects? The answer lies in the desire to change something they can’t handle inside them and to escape from a reality they can’t tolerate anymore.

Reasons, why people addicted to drugs, include:

Reasons why people get addicted to drugs

1-Psychiatric diseases:

  • “I was ready to do anything to get rid of depression,” said one depressed patient.
  • This patient was on drugs and weapons to escape illness and feelings of misery and sadness
  • He had also mental disorders like stress, anxiety,
  • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) like One of the causes of drug use occurs after a close relative dies or experiences physical violence.

Taking medications and medical drugs:

  • ‘A person is a doctor himself’ is a widespread but misrepresentation as one of the causes of drug addiction
  • Taking medicines and medicines outside of medical supervision, such as analgesics and sedatives
  • Therefore, occur from the type of psychological and physical dependence up to the stage of addiction
  • At other times the person may take these medicines with a prescription for treatment.

Problems with the family:

  • “Will remain a failed” “I don’t care about you,” “I hate you” if you make your son hear those words, or there are disagreements with your spouse
  • Make him usage drugs, because you communicate badly with him
  • Will make him want to fill that empty space within him and seek separation from reality.

Work stress:

  • “Work created to benefit you, and not to pay you to the abyss.”
  • Sometimes the pressures because of our work and your inability to deal with it in addition to financial problems.
  • More debts are one of the reasons for drug addiction and separation from those pressures to obtain relaxation.

Loneliness and emptiness:

“Loneliness is really fatal, not that metaphor, but a fact.” The emptiness because of, loneliness and the absence of goals is one of the reasons for drug addiction because it leads to a flight to drug abuse, so whenever there is a primary goal that you will target for and occupy your spare time with it, you reduce that within you and avoid the fate of addiction.

6. personal preparation:

Why are people coming to addiction and others taking control of themselves? The answer lies in personal preparation and the extent of the drug dependence of the laboratory and its desire for it. There are people who are addictive than others and their laboratory centers demand more access to the drug than other people who can stop at some stage of the abuse.

Friends pressure:

“Try with us and you will not regret.” That sentence is one of the biggest causes of drug addiction, as a result of being in an environment of friends who take drugs and put pressure to participate, which leads you to integrate with them and to be attracted to abuse, then slide into the path of addiction.

Genetic factors:

“The son of the addict is likely to be an addict” This statement may apply to this situation in the case of a family history that carries members of the addicts that generates a tendency and the willingness of future generations to addiction stronger than other families without addiction, due to the fact that sperm transport the drug during the formation of the fetus During the sexual process.

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