Hypnosis For Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

besides sugar addiction not generally considered as dangerous, it produces very serious health issues if corrective actions are not taken.so can we use Hypnosis For Sugar Addiction?….

Why Is Sugar Addiction A Problem?

From cupcakes to pies to iced coffee drinks, sugar is found in many foods and is almost impossible to avoid.

Health officials in the United States concern about the psychological and emotional dependence of sugary drinks and foods that are also known as sugar addiction.

During the process of metabolizing the food, processed foods and refined grains produce extra sugar in your body.

Sugar in moderation is not harmful; however, many overdo it.

 Can hypnosis help you quit sugar? How actually does hypnosis for sugar addiction work?

giving up sugar for many of us is considered impossible.

We can break the habit for a few days or weeks. But before we know it, we’re back to snacking on sugar throughout the day.

You are not alone if you have tried to beat your sugar habit.

More than 120 pounds of sugar consumed by American people each year, and it’s difficult to avoid the constant attraction of sweets.

Although avoiding temptation can only do so much, but sugar actually reprograms your mind and generates its own powerful cravings.

Research shows that, when consumed in excess, it reprograms our brains. How? Consuming sugar lead to the production and release of addiction-forming chemicals in your body. These chemicals stimulate sensations of happiness, relaxation, and well-being. Over time, The brain discovers that the body requires sugar to work.

In other words, sugar addiction is very real. In fact, several types of research have shown that sugar is as addictive more than street drugs seem cocaine and heroin.

That’s serious stuff! No wonder it’s so difficult to cut sugar from our diets.

Sugar addiction rooted deep in your unconscious mind and that is the reason for willpower isn’t sufficient alone to cure your sugar addictions.

Our Unconscious mind has produced positive deep devotion to sweets.

Without untangling and reframing these associations, we aren’t getting to the root cause of our sugar habit.

Hypnotherapy offers a solution for reversing these subconscious urges. During hypnosis, you can begin to explore how your unconscious mind inspects sugar and provide it with new information to change bad habits.

How Hypnosis Can Assist You Defeat Sugar Addiction

Hypnosis For Sugar Addiction

how hypnotherapy enables you to change yourself from within:

Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind.

The “conscious” mind is what we’re most familiar with. It’s the thoughts you have on a daily basis, the voice you hear in your head. The conscious mind is rational, and evermore trying to explain and prove the nature around you. The subconscious, or unconscious, mind, on the other hand, works in the background and it’s fully automatic. When you touch something, you don’t have to “think” about how it feels. Instead, your subconscious mind informs you instantaneously based on your memories and sensory inputs.

The Critical Mind.

If we understand sugar in excess has unfavorable health outcomes, Why we don’t avoid sugar?That’s an important question.

The conscious mind is rational; it’s constantly looking for reasons to justify habits.

 That’s why you can believe that you need to decrease sugar, but you must struggle to defeat the urge.

The conscious mind may speak and say: “Well, I’ll only have one piece of chocolate this night.”

The habit, though, is kept in place at a deeper level – buried in the subconscious mind. That’s why so many self-help programs that focus solely on reframing conscious thoughts are ineffective. They’re not getting to the root of the problem.

Reframing Your Subconscious Thoughts.

Your subconscious programmed through repetition. You eat sugar, you feel calmer and more relaxed, and over time, it learns that “Hey, sugar is something I need in order to feel better.” Sugar in your morning coffee might be associated with that caffeine jolt.

 rich sweets may be helpful with relaxing before sleep.

Hypnotherapy empowers you to update their subconscious thinking. At the subconscious level, you might consider sugar a friend who’s always there to pick you up.

Through hypnosis, you can disentangle those positive associations and reframe the thought with new knowledge.

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