How to Treat Food addiction?


  • When we think of the word addiction, our minds go to addiction to alcohol or drugs, but there is another type of addiction that is no less dangerous to health!
  • Food is necessary, and it is a means for survival, but there are people who the food became a means of death. hence the question How to Treat Food addiction?
  • their behavior towards food differs according to susceptibility and desire, not hunger, and many of them have lost their ability to control the amount of food that must be eaten so they become addicted to food, which is A very serious condition that has negative health implications, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and others.
How to Treat Food addiction?

How to Treat Food addiction?

Now to know How to Treat Food addiction? Also, the term food addiction is a relatively new term in the world of addiction treatment as food habits differ in different parts of the world, and most people believe that food addiction cannot be bad like alcohol or drug addiction, and both of them may need to seek the assistance of a specialized addiction treatment center or Specialized addiction treatment hospital, however, the impact of food addiction on addict can lead to many health problems, in addition to completely destroying a person’s life, just like any other type of addiction. Food addiction is a habit, maybe excessive consumption of food – usually, foods high in fat or sugars – and a person gets used to it despite the negative effects of this habit.

When a person indulges in eating foods with high sugars, or fats, or both together which is worse, of course, this stimulates the brain’s reward system in exactly the same way as it does in the case of drug use. When a person consumes a certain food, our body exrete “dopamine” in a large way, which makes The brain finally looks only for this type of food full of fat and sugars, and the person becomes addicted to the good feelings associated with these types of food, and it becomes impossible for him to reject a slice of the chocolate cake completely just as the cocaine addict cannot refuse the amount of cocaine provided to him.

Food addiction treatment:

  • Don’t focus on events and celebrations that contain food, and change it to focus to become decorating the room with distinctive decorations, or places for guests to sit, or music that will be heard and lighting.
  • When you going to the restaurant, you should think of it as an extension of your kitchen, with the difference that someone brings food to you, washing dishes instead of you, in your home you will not eat juices every time you eat, and you will not eat all that is in the bread and butter basket, and you will not eat sweets After completing the main food, you will probably not drink coffee after the end of the meal.
  • One of the most important signs of food addicts is that they are ideal in preparing the table or in cooking and preparing distinctive foods, this applies a lot to mothers, who must remember that perfectionism does not exist and that when shopping, for example, it is necessary to set a goal, and not to go out of the shopping list.
  • It is also helpful to record the menu you have eaten, and know your weight periodically, every day or two, to know the effect of food on the weight immediately, this will help to regain control, review the nutritional record of the dinner foods that you have eaten during the past week, it will reveal to you how much you ate without actually being hungry.
  • Finally, eat slowly, chew slowly, and try to enjoy its taste to the fullest extent possible with the slowdown, and choose a variety of foods, and change the way food is prepared to break any existing addiction relationship.

Food addiction treatment also includes:

  • Both the treatment inside the medical centers,
  • The treatment outside are options available to treat food addiction, but treatment inside the medical centers facilitates the healing process.
  • The method of treatment outside the medical centers, patients can practice their lives normally,
  • staying in their homes and going to their work, and they are under observation a few times during the week through the treatment center to provide advice.
  • The possibility of obtaining food is everywhere, which makes the treatment outside the medical centers is extremely Difficulty for some food addicts.
  • In contrast, treatment within medical centers protects the patient from all food temptations during the treatment period. In this type of treatment, they offer healthy meals to the patient every day, which facilitates the healing process.

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