Alcoholic peripheral neuropathy story

Alcoholic peripheral neuropathy

  • Alcohol is the most common cause of nervous system injuries in the age group of 35 to 55. In 2015, a study reported that 2% to 7% of the world’s population may be affected by peripheral neuropathy.
  • Peripheral neuropathy(PN) more widely diagnosed in western countries than in developing countries. Furthermore, Around 25% to 66% of USA population alone diagnosed with PN.
  • Due to a lack of awareness among both physicians and patients the PN symptoms overlooked in most countries.

What is neuropathy:

Alcoholic peripheral neuropathy
  • Neuropathy is a condition caused because of dysfunction or dying nerve(s), that often lead to numbness, electric-like pain, muscle weakness and twitching all over the body, and changes in sensation.
  • maybe initiated from Trauma, metabolic disorders (such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity), liver disorders, kidney disorders, or abusive alcohol drinking. It may even result from treatments such as chemotherapy, and radiation.

Let’s get to know what is it like to suffer from PN.Alcoholic peripheral neuropathy

True stories of alcoholic neuropathy:

  • Meet Eric Clapton (greatest guitarist alive);
  • In 2013, at age of 71, the guitarist announced that he was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy; due to his
  • alcohol and heroin addiction.
  • His injury made playing guitar hard work for him after it used to come easy.
  • Because of the injury, He had been suffering a lot of pain that started with lower back pain and turned into peripheral neuropathy (which according to his description, the pain was like electric shocks going down his legs).
  • Treatment of his condition, mostly rely on pain management. Including pain relievers and anti-seizure medications and various therapies.

Meet Sally from Melbourne, Australia. A 30-some years old lady, who had shared her experience after quitting Abusive drinking of alcohol.

  • firstly, After one week of being sober, she started to experience an agonizing burning pain in her feet only.
  • She was lucky enough, that she was in the early stages. With proper care, hence, she recovered after 30 days.
  • Replied to her story, a male in the late 30s with a heavy drinking history started in the teenage period of time.
  • He woke up one day, because of a drunken night, feeling entirely numbed (from the chest down).
  • Now he’s in a wheelchair for life. With pain killers and supplements.

Alcoholic neuropathy:

  • Abusive alcohol drinking (aka alcoholism) for a prolonged period of time causes nerve-damaged that may lead to the onset of alcoholic neuropathy.
  • Therefore, deficiencies and depletion of thiamine (vitamin B1) resulted from alcoholism may contribute to alcoholic polyneuropathy (causing damage to nerve types).
  • Alcoholic polyneuropathy is a progressive condition that gets worse with time, as the damages to the nerves build up with continued alcohol abuse.
  • from alcoholic neuropathy is usually irreversible, but controllable by quitting alcohol drinking.
  • therapy programs usually preferred in the case of alcoholic neuropathy to avoid the risk of drug abuse and addiction. The main goal of such therapies is to improve the quality of life and offer relief of symptoms.

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